Carillon Vision Care is proud to be one of the first practices in the entire country with access to the recently FDA-approved Acuvue Abiliti Orthokeratology lens!

Ortho-K is a non-surgical option that corrects myopia without the daytime use of glasses or contact lenses. Ortho-K lenses are worn at night, and correct the curvature of the cornea while sleeping, so you can see clearly during the day. In multiple clinical trials, Ortho-K has been proven to considerably reduce myopia progression.


Some excerpts from the press release:

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Johnson & Johnson Vision, a global leader in eye health and part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved ACUVUE® Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses. This is the first and only FDA approved orthokeratology (ortho-k) contact lens for the management of myopia.

“The FDA approval of Abiliti™ Overnight marks an important milestone in our commitment to help change the trajectory of eye health and reshape the future of myopia in children,” said Xiao-Yu Song, MD, PhD, Global Head of Research & Development, Johnson & Johnson Vision. “We look forward to supporting parents and eye care professionals in their care of children by providing comprehensive resources, starting with Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses, and continuing with additional products and services to address the progression of myopia.”

Myopia is sometimes called ‘nearsightedness’ but it is much more. It is a chronic and progressive disease that poses the biggest eye health threat of the 21st Century. Young children that are less than 12 years of age and become myopic are the most vulnerable to develop high myopia and can be at increased risk of sight-threatening eye diseases later in life. Additionally, half of the world’s population is projected to be myopic by 2050 with nearly one billion people expected to have high myopia.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that ortho-k lenses can be a safe and effective treatment option to manage myopia. Abiliti™ Overnight ortho-k contact lenses are specifically designed and fitted to improve a patient’s vision by reshaping the cornea and will be available in two different contact lens designs: Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses, and Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses Toric.

“The prevalence of myopia in children is increasing, and as optometrists we are on the front lines of this epidemic that may threaten the vision of future generations,” said Moshe Mendelson, OD, FIAO. “For too long we have relied on increasing the prescription of glasses for children, while having few resources to address the underlying disease and help change this worrying trajectory of eye health. The FDA approval of Abiliti™ Overnight will provide eye care professionals and parents with more options to manage myopia.”


Check out the full press release here.