Be sure to stop by Carillon this next Wednesday March 21st to congratulate Dr. Agrest on his upcoming retirement. He deserves it!

The following article appeared in the Chicago Tribune on March 16th, 2018. Here’s the original link!

Shout Out: Jerome Agrest, optometrist retiring at 90

Jerome Agrest, 90, will retire March 31 after 60 years of operating his own optometry practice. His practice, now called Carillon Vision Care, has been located in Glenview’s Carillon Square since 1985. Agrest operated his practice in a medical center in Morton Grove before moving it to Glenview. He has been married to his wife, Estelle, for 69 years, and they have two children, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He lives in Northbrook and grew up in Chicago. A retirement open house to celebrate Agrest is scheduled for March 21 from noon to 5 p.m. at Carillon Vision Care.

Q: Why did you decided to retire?

A: I think I just felt it was time. Also, I felt that the practice was doing very well and in good hands.

Q: What inspired you to open the practice?

A: I had been working around after I graduated from Illinois College of Optometry and decided it was time for me to try and do something on my own. I came into Morton Grove because I had an older brother that was living there. The community was just starting to grow, and I thought there was an opportunity.

Q: Why did you move your practice to Glenview?

A: The building that I was in was sold and the new owners wanted the place for themselves. I wanted to stay in the area. Glenview seemed to be a very good location. I have patients from the entire North Shore, and Glenview is centrally located.

Q: What will you remember most about your time at the practice?

A: I’ve got just wonderful patients. The majority of my patients have become almost like family.

Q: How has the field of optometry changed over the years?

A: When I first got out of school and started optometry, I think we were more eye glass sellers than we were in the field as we are now. Optometry has progressed tremendously. Science has increased and all the instruments, I actually had to go back to school a number of times to keep with the progress.

Q: What is next for the practice after you retire?

A: As the practice is continuing to grow Dr. (Andrew) Neukirch, who has taken over the practice, is doing a great job. He has managed to keep himself in the same vein of practice that I was in, and that’s family care and personal service for our patients.

Q: What are your plans for retirement?

A: I do a lot of volunteer work, and I am active in the Rotary. I’m probably just going to expand my volunteer work around the area.

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