Carillon Vision Care was very proud to host our Myopia Management Intern Federica for 6 weeks over the Summer of 2021. This was all made possible by a very generous educational grant from CooperVision Specialty Eyecare.

Federica will be starting her 2nd year of Optometry school in just a couple of weeks. Please continue reading to hear about her experience at our practice!


How has your internship been going so far?

I have to say this has been by far one of the most exciting experiences of my academic career. This internship has given me the chance to see many “behind the scenes” of optometry, myopia management, as well as to learn from the best of the best many aspects of patients’ care.
What’s the most exciting thing you’ve learned thus far?
Once of the most exciting things I have learned so far is about how all patients are different from one another, and how each one of them needs a different approach even when treating the same condition. This can be seen in the case of myopia management, for example, as when treating multiple kids with myopia, they might not end up undergoing the same course of treatment, and this depends on their own characteristics.
What is something you learned here that you plan to take with you into your career?
I admire the patient-centered approach Dr. Neukirch uses in his clinical practice, as well as the way he creates a sort of a bond with each one of his patients. This is very important in order to offer the best possible patient care. If before this internship I was interested in myopia management, I am now very passionate to the point I for sure want to take into my future career.
What does myopia management mean to you?
Myopia management means treating a disease rather than a simple refractive error, it also means educating little patients and their families about what they can do to slow down myopia progression and ultimately save their kid’s long term eye sight.
What excites you about myopia management?
I have a very high myopia myself, so I completely understand what it means having to deal with such a high prescription. What excites me the most about myopia control is that there are now ways to slow down myopia progression, so that we can now help kids avoid getting to this point, and this is very rewarding to me.
Would you recommend the CooperVision internship program to other students? Why?
Is that even a question? 100% This internship has been a priceless experience for me. After completing my first year in optometry school I have learned many aspects of myopia control from the doctor perspective. I have also learned how to apply to the real world everything I have learned in school so far, how to feel more comfortable around patients, and many aspects of how to run a private practice. All of this, is going to be very helpful for my future career.