The following is a press-release about Dr. Neukirch’s recent presentation at the Southern Educational Congress of Optometry (SECO) in Atlanta from March 2017:

Entrepreneur Troy Hazard and Optometrist Dr. Andrew Neukirch Inspire Eye Care Providers to “Future-Proof” Their Practices in Presentation Sponsored by CooperVision at SECO

Educational Session Brings Perspective from Outside of Optometry; Part of a Speaker Series CooperVision is Hosting at Industry Events

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 24, 2017 — The key to long-term success in optometry is to focus on the bigger picture. That was the overarching theme to “A Different POV: New Perspectives on Optometry’s Future,” a presentation delivered last week at SECO 2017 in Atlanta. As part of a new speaker series sponsored by the company, CooperVision, Inc. hosted serial entrepreneur Troy Hazard and Dr. Andrew Neukirch, OD, who shared their perspectives on how to embrace and overcome the challenges eye care providers face in the rapidly evolving world of optometry.

“In day-to-day life, it is so easy to focus on the next patient, the next email, the next phone call, the next staff member. We’re overwhelmed, so we only look at the next thing we need to do,” Hazard told the audience. “But to be successful—now and into the future—you have to go back to your practice and stop looking at what is close. Look at what is further out.”

During the presentation, Hazard took attendees through several methods for fostering ongoing success within a business. From altering one’s mindset, to shifting from a focus on cost to a focus on value, to changing overall approach, Hazard shared how his varied experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into the workings of organizations and the minds of customers. Then, Dr. Neukirch explained how he has leveraged these concepts in his own practice at Carillon VisionCare in Glenview, Ill.

“In the field of optometry, there is no question that the ground is moving beneath our feet, but there is reason to have a positive outlook on our profession,” Dr. Neukirch said. “The average practice has been growing consistently since 2010, and although the number of ophthalmologists coming out of residency has remained flat for many years, patients are aging and will require more eye care—it’s up to us to take care of them.”

Dr. Neukirch went on to identify some of the current trends in optometry and the opportunities they present to practices, including co-management, myopia control, 1-day contact lenses, and subscription contact lens delivery models like LensFerry S.

Dr. Shauna Thornhill, OD, a primary care optometrist who runs her own practice, Amarillo Vision Specialists, in Amarillo, Texas, was among the eye care providers in the audience. Amarillo Vision Specialists was recently named one of CooperVision’s 2017 Best Practices.

“Mr. Hazard and Dr. Neukirch’s presentation was an inspiration to eye care professionals to find new ways to grow,” said Dr. Thornhill. “We must shake things up to drive success, and I walked away with a reminder to always emphasize value over price. I’m already working on implementing the message to be distinctive, be connected, and be collaborative.”

In January, CooperVision brought speaker Scott Zimmer to the Global Specialty Lens Symposium in Las Vegas, where he spoke to a group of contact lens educators about how to best communicate with millennials. CooperVision plans to host additional guest speakers at upcoming optometric events throughout the remainder of the year, focusing on experts from outside of the industry whose knowledge and experiences can provide a unique perspective and actionable improvements that eye care practitioners can adapt for use in their own practices.

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